Creating The New Hemp Based Economy

As the dinosaurs of the old industrial age continue their decay and slide into irrelevancy, the work of turning the worlds most versatile raw material into thousands of everyday products is just beginning.  More and more of us are getting creative and making some incredible things from every part of this amazing plant.

CHEA Prod7


CHEA Airplane2

People around the world are discovering that hemp fibers can be turned into some pretty amazing things.  This hemp composite airplane took it’s maiden flight this summer.

Below, Dr. David Milton and his team from Clarkson University in New York have discovered that hemp fibers can be made into Supercapacitors for, among other things, electric car batteries.

CHEA Graphene1With over 25,000 different everyday benefits and uses the low THC Industrial hemp plant can make just about anything while also helping the environment.

CHEA Enviro1

So why aren’t we utilizing hemp to it’s fullest potential?  The first reason is lack of education.  That is why Via Hemp has joined forces with CHEA to become their signature product line.   We realize that an educated populace will demand to have things made from hemp.

CHEA1-WHite           Education is key number one toward the goal of creating this industry.

While building an ever expanding catalogue of quality hemp products for sale to people around the globe.   Using today’s technology, just how many different products can we make out of this “King” of all raw materials?

For those of us that dream about a more sustainable world, this question inspires hope and excitement about the future and sets the mind to work on imagining what our new industrial hemp industry will look like.

Visit our product page for a preview of the Via Hemp products we’re developing along with an ever expanding list of products from other great hemp companies we’ve discovered.

What niche can America fill in the emerging global hemp market?  That remains to be seen because industrial hemp is still not yet fully legal at the federal level for American Farmers to grow.  Pressure from people who know hemp’s potential to create jobs, help farmers, and clean the environment are opening the gates but…

We Need Your Help To Pass the 2016 Industrial Hemp Farming Act.

VoteHempPlease visit the VOTE HEMP website ( and fill out their simple, quick, petition letter.

The people from the Colorado Hemp Education Association, along with our Founding Fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson thank you for your support.

TJ1“Hemp is of the first necessity to the Wealth and Protection of the nation”  Thomas Jefferson


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